About NC State Blocks

NC State Blocks is a WordPress plugin that provides a core set of university-branded content blocks designed for the block-based (Gutenberg) editor introduced in WordPress 5.0.

This plugin is a project lead by OIT Design & Web Services.

Documentation for using blocks is available in the plugin itself, with How to Use sections available for each block. You can also view all NC State Blocks plugin articles in the Web at NC State ServiceNow Knowledgebase.

Getting Started

In order to use NC State Blocks, you must have a website running WordPress 5.0 or newer.

Content Creators

Talk to your website administrator about installing NC State Blocks on your website! (Not all WordPress themes are compatible with the WordPress 5.0 block editor, but any website that is compatible will work great with this plugin!)

In the meantime, try blocks with a quick start demo, or create a test website to get more practice.

If you have an idea for a block, we want to hear from you! Check out our Request a new Block page.

Site Administrators

NC State Blocks is distributed to campus through Cthulhu.

  • For most campus websites, use theĀ Production release channel in Cthulhu. (This is the default release channel, so if you haven’t changed the release channel, don’t worry! You’re all set!)
  • For early adopters who want to help us test new blocks, use theĀ Development release channel in Cthulhu. This may also be the appropriate channel for campus developers who want to verify block compatibility with their themes and other plugins.

Web Developers

We’d love your contributions! NC State Blocks will work best for NC State if we can get input and ideas from every web team across campus. Developer documentation is available in the project GitHub wiki, and we’re always interested in talking blocks at Friday co-working.